A Jekyll Blog in 20 mins

Fast forward the blog creation.

Okay. This is not a tutorial on how to build a jekyll blog, but it can surely help you speed up things as it did for me.

So, I wanted a blog really bad and really fast. And i had already decided to go with Jekyll. Why?? Because In addition to supporting blogs out of the box, Jekyll had everything else I wanted:

  • First of all, it had all the power and flexibilities i wanted being a programmer.
  • Good themes with support for source-code highlighting
  • Posts can be written in Markdown
  • Easy integration with Github pages which means free hosting!
  • Support for layouts, partials, and other features that make it a pleasure to use.

What could i have done? Created a whole new custom design and built a theme for it?? NO!! Just hack into an already established clean jekyll theme and dive into the waters without wasting anymore time (Which i had already done in plenty by the way. Read my previous post for that!!).