First Blog Post in Jekyll

Finally!! I did it.

Its been ages since i first got to know about Jekyll and its awesome flexibility in creatin g your own blog. 2 years to be precise. I was in college, it was perfect time for me to start my own blog where i can share whatever i learn or even share a simple thought which comes to my mind. Instantly i thought of creating something of my own. Some unique theme for Jekyll which i was gonna use and eventually was hoping that other people too can use it if they liked.

But the problem was and still is, that i am too lazy to do this on time. In a blink of an eye, an year passed and i was out of college with no work whatsoever done on my so called blog. After that, i joined TCS where i literally had no time to even think of this. Still, it was on my mind always.

I had this crazy idea of a blog where people shared there small small learnings to the world. I named it Arkpod - A rookie knowledge podium. I even bought a domain for it but never even opened its admin panel after that.

More time passed and i left TCS within 6 months of joining. The reason for that is gonna take another blog post, so wait till next time. In the meanwhile i joined a startup called and started doing the kind of work i loved.

So, the old thought of my blog started to creep back again in my mind. I started thinking of design ideas and ways of implementing the UI for it. Medium is the biggest inspiration for anyone trying to design a blog right now, so i started imagining my blog looking like medium. But with a unique flavour, not a clone of it.

All these thoughts and no work towards it. Three more months passed and now it was high time to do some work. I got these great ideas of small projects of my own that i was gonna work on and also wanted to document all the things as blog posts. I also wanted to share a lot of things that i had learnt recently working here at Scroll.

I had two options,

  • Either i make a new theme with my own design working from scratch which will take hell lot of time and maybe result into me going in the lazy mode again
  • I just hack my way into it and just dive in.

I chose the latter one, coz that way when i finally start working on anything i’ll have a blog to write it in too.

Now, i feel like writing so many things and this is gonna be the first one that comes to my mind.

I made a mistake, a big mistake by only thinking about everthing and not actually working for anything. But i am gonna learn from this.

This is just a start for me. A very late start indeed. But still it is.